We specialize in Software Development, System Integrations, IoT & AI Solutions.


Software & Apps integration

SKA Integrated Solutions has been working with a versatile set of clients to deliver custom software development and system integration services.

AI & ML Technology

We also develop ioT products, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models for our clients.

ioT Project (Security)

We work to Digitalise all B2B and B2C business operations and communication, improving efficacies with real-time integrations of data, AI and ML systems

Our Work

When packaged apps are not doing justice with your vision, we custom design and build apps that do. We customize our software and apps to meet your vision and needs. Whether you need to outsource product development or are looking for a custom software solution, we’re the application development partner you can count on.

Our highly-trained team of experts will help you realize your strategic mobile and web objectives. Using our extensive experience, in custom software development and systems integration, we create innovative solutions to realize your vision including:

Development for a new app, software and portal

Software, Web portals and apps are the faces of any business in the modern corporate structure. They help run the most important functions and business-critical communications for corporate companies. Putting forward an operational IT-System with an impressive interface to create a powerful impact that your potential business providers just can’t ignore is essential to beat the competition and we help you do just that.

We create appealing designs with efficient information architecture to deliver an outstanding user experience so your business can grow exponentially. Our experienced designers and developers work with the latest technologies to deliver outstanding visual experience and easy navigation to make our designs stand out.

Our team works with startups and established brands to help their offline products and services to reach the online market.

Integration work

Integration essentially means ringing all the software-parts of a system together and make them accessible through a network that is easy to navigate. We create systems for you were you can merge all your IT and software efficiently so the fragments of your business can work together and give your business growth a boost.

The world of information technology and e-commerce is quickly been taken over by Cloud integration and applications. This means that businesses are no longer limited in confines of a physical location and complex interdependencies of corporate pathways but are able to directly access sources, files, operational applications and backend systems from anywhere. We help you beat the market trends and make your business efficient than ever by staying a step ahead.

Support for our in house developed system

Let the scalability work for your advantage and grow the flow of business towards you. Years of experience with versatile clients has enabled us to generate standards and systems that give us an edge in the market and earned us a distinction. We take pride in our in house team of developers and customer support system. Fluent communication and understanding of the needs of our clients help us produce the best work. Raising the bar we work to your satisfaction and help you grow your business. These are the advantages which have made it possible for us to stand out in the market.

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud hosting brings enormous opportunities for online transformation of any virtually existing business. We can assist you in managing the complex cloud infrastructure and running and deployment of your projects.

Let our team of experts handle your cloud management while you do what you are best at.

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